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Dan Dawkins Junior Designer

Dan Dawkins and their map

Hi I'm...


My job at Luckies involves...

Designing, creating and resident 80’s music DJ.

My favourite Scratch Map is...

My favourite map has got to be the Backpacker Edition – it’s durability is a big plus for me! Being someone who tends to accidentally spill or rip something on a daily basis – having something which can stand up to the tests of traveling in my bag is a must.

My most embarrassing/funniest travel story is...

I’m sure a few people will have heard this in the office...However! Once on a city-break to Prague in the Czech Republic – we walked up Petrin Hill and sat down on some of the old rickety benches at the top after the steep trek up. I’m assuming this is when I picked up a little extra ‘companion’. So, we went back to the hotel that night and my partner found that I had got a tick attached to me – much like Forest Gump – it had “Jumped up and bit me!” in my right-buttock. We had to call a doctor out to remove it, as they’re worried about Lyme’s disease. However! Upon calling down to the reception to ask for a doctor – my other half explaining the whole thing, intimate details and all – it was at this moment she realized, after a prolonged silence on the other end of the line, that she had actually called through to the restaurant. Needless to say, when we went down there later for dinner I was offered a cushion.

My favourite travel photo I’ve taken is...

I like to take spontaneous travel photo’s – much to my other halves dismay – can’t say they’re the most flattering pictures in the world but I love flicking through our photo albums and laugh together about some of the silly pictures, after she’s started talking to me again – time heals all wounds!

My best travel hack/accessory is...

It’s got to be taking a power bank! I’m a firm believer, that if you have your wallet, keys & phone on you – you can adapt and survive all manner of situations. Bear Grylls would be proud.

The next item off my travel bucket list will be...

We’re off to Tunisia soon – so we’ll probably start there! Sun, sea and full-inclusive bar. Yes please!

The best place I've ever been to is...

The Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy. It was mine and my Fiance’s first trip away together and I'll always have happy memories of sitting in the shade (because it was scorcher!) eating Gelato until we couldn’t move anymore, listening to the live street performers and the running water from the fountains. It’ll always be a special place to visit for me. Take me back any day of the week!

My dream travel destination is...

It’s got to be Japan! I’ve always wanted to hop on the bullet train and stick my face out the window at 275mph (inner-dog goals). I’d love to kick back on the beaches of Okinawa, get lost in the side streets of Kyoto and bow to some deer at the Todaiji Temple. The food looks weirdly awesome too!