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Scratch Map – the ultimate travel gift by Luckies of London

Luckies of London designed the Original Scratch Map back in 2009, and since then the Scratch Map family has grown to include travel sizes, gourmet inspired and region specific editions. Whether you aim to scratch off every country in the world, have it on your wall to inspire your travel dreams, or you want to Scratch of The USA state by state, Luckies of London know how to design the perfect Scratch Map for everyone. Scratch Maps make a unique gift, and look great whether they are left unscratched, or the design underneath is completely revealed.
Each map has a beautiful foil print ready to scratch off and reveal intricate detail and beautiful design. Over time each Scratch Map becomes a completely unique, personalised map of the world, a perfect and visually stunning travel diary or in the case of Gourmet Scratch Map, a record of your adventures in gastronomy!
The perfect gift, unique and fun it’s perfect for those that have travelled or for those who are about to embark on an expedition or even better for those that are just plain old hard to buy for!

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the original
since 2009

Created by Luckies in 2009,
but what was the inspiration that sparked the idea?

Scratch Map allows you to create a personalized record of your travels around the world. It makes perfect sense that the idea came about following some adventures of our own...

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Until they invent scratchable phone and computer screens you can try a selection of maps in digital form…wipe away the surface to see what lies beneath.

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