The Scratch Map World Edition wall poster

Scratch Map Collection

The original Scratch Map wall poster

The original Scratch Map World Edition wall poster was launched in 2005. This particular Scratch Map measures a generous 81.9 x 58.2, based on the idea of a huge scratch card. This wonderful wall poster allows you to scratch off where you’ve been, proudly displaying to how well travelled you are.
The World edition is the perfect wall poster that can be framed and used as a spectacular centre piece on any wall in any home or office. All Scratch Maps are so much more than a wall poster, they are also education and extremely fun too!

The Scratch Map World Edition wall poster

Scratch Map Travel Edition

This innovative poster was created in the wake of the original Scratch Map World Edition; it was designed to be the ultimate travel companion allowing you to not just scratch off where you’ve been, but also to scratch off where you are, on the go! The Travel Edition comes with its own compact protective tube making is perfect for the suitcase of backpack, ready when you are. Whatever holiday or expedition you have in mind, remember them in true detail and unique style with the Scratch Map Travel Edition, don’t leave home without it!

The Scratch Map Travel Edition

Scratch Map UK

The Scratch Map UK Edition was created for people that love England. This highly detailed poster will allow you to remember those camping days as a child, to weekends away today. A truly stunningly patriotic creation again, proudly manufactured made in the UK.

The Scratch Map UK England Edition

Scratch Map USA Edition

The USA is famous for so many iconic places, the USA also has so much history and with 50 states Luckies just had to design and create a USA edition, so that’s exactly what we did. This brightly coloured stars and stripes design would make American proud, it also allows everyone who loves the USA including us to scratch off what states you have visited. Again displayed in fine detail, fun, and as American as Route 66! From New York to Las Vegas, grab a nickel and start scratching those states!

The Scratch Map USA Edition

Scratch Map Europe Edition

Due to the overwhelming demand we have had over the past few years, countless emails and requests we eventually gave our design team the green light to design a map the not only complements the Scratch map collection but also displays Europe at in exceptional detail allowing you to scratch off where you’ve been from Paris to Italy. This wonderful item is presented in carbon lack complemented with a Euro blue colour underneath, another remarkable gift for anyone including the home!

Scratch Map Europe