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Complement your living room

The Scratch Map in the living room or office

There are many ways to improve your home however only a handful of ways to complement your home with something truly unique! The Scratch Map is a superb way of displaying your globetrotting adventures in any room of the home, a superb, unique and highly detailed poster that you can customise yourself by scratching off where you have been.

The Scratch Map collection in more detail

The Scratch Map effortlessly displays your footprints across the globe by scratching off a high quality top foil layer that reveals a bright and colourful world, here are some details to help you select the perfect scratch map for you;

• The Original Scratch Map personalised World Poster; this is the original edition to the ever growing Scratch Map collection. The huge wall poster features a gold foil top layer that you scratch off to reveal where you have been, as you scratch off the foil you begin to see an immensely detailed world of vibrant colour and information revealing countries, cities, landmarks and more!

• The Scratch Map Travel Edition; all of the features of the Original Scratch Map but condensed in to a compact edition in a durable, heavy duty protective tube that you can take where ever you go, bursting with a generous amount of useful travel information, don’t leave home without it!

• The Scratch Map USA Edition; all states beautifully displayed with its passionately patriotic design, if you love the United States as much as we do, you will truly adore this edition, a must for anyone! With its distinctive design and great visual presence, the Scratch map USA Edition is an instantly recognisable display of the magnificent land that is America. With its extensive geographical detailing and prestigious design, this is a future classic for anyone that has visited the USA.

• The Scratch Map UK Edition; this wonderfully unique poster is finished in a bright sterling silver foil. As the silver foil is scratched off you will begin to see a highly detailed display of the United Kingdom, a colourful, glorious green land with incredible geographical detailing. This map is the perfect way to remember your travels in the UK, from holidays as a child to weekends and day trips around the many cities in the UK.

• The Scratch Map Europe Edition; after an enormous amount of demand from our many loyal customers we got to work on the Euro edition! This was no easy task as we had to deliver a map with a real difference, a map to complement the rest of the Scratch Map collection. After a huge amount of research we created a map presented in platinum silver surrounded by many oceans, seas and rivers. As the silver top foil later is scratched off it reveals a beautifully details Europe featuring all popular countries, cities and landmarks throughout Europe, the ultimate gift for any Euro traveller!

The Scratch Map in the living room or office