About the Scratch Map

When Jim started up his product design company back in 2005, Scratch Map was nothing but a seed of an idea and now here it is, in all its UK made glory. Scratch Map gives you the opportunity to show off exactly where you’ve been travelling while livening up your wall with a beautiful, brightly colored world map. The top layer is made of gold foil and allows you to scratch off where you’ve been country by country to reveal a vibrantly colored map of the world and all its detailed magic! The result is a brilliantly, completely unique and personalised world map.

Scratch Map logo

The Scratch Map is the perfect gift for any occasion and perfect for men or women!

The Scratch Map is the perfect gift for anyone prone to going walkies on this amazing planet or indeed anyone with a love and interest in geography. Luckily it comes packaged in a slick, cardboard tube, making it safe and easy to post if you’re sending it as a gift.

Scratch map for unique gifts

The ever growing Scratch Map collection

Scratch Map has been so popular that Jim went and made the U.S.A, UK and Ireland and Travel Edition versions to work alongside the World Map. All brilliant in their own classically designed way.

The Scratch Map World Poster