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Scratch Map Travel Edition

the scratch map travel edition

The Scratch Map Travel edition
Following the enormous success of Scratch Map Poster, we now bring you The Travel Edition Scratch Map. This miniature map is still as cool as its predecessor but cuter in every way. It makes the best present for any globetrotter as the map (in its sturdy tube) fits into your rucksack without taking up too much valuable room.
The idea behind Scratch Map Travel Edition is that you can take it with you as you journey round the globe and scratch off where you’ve been on route – all you do is scratch off the gold top foil layer of the place you have visited to reveal a brand new and wonderful world underneath. Everyone intends to keep a log or a diary when they are voyaging but in reality you generally just forget, can’t be bothered or get writers block. The Scratch Map Travel Edition is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, plus, flip the Scratch Map Travel Edition over and you have even more glorious things to fill in, map out and stick on. Amongst other things, the reverse side of the Scratch Map Travel Edition has a plain white map to allow you the opportunity to plot your route. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’. The perfect way to assess the tanning progression!

The Travel Edition Scratch Map also has some top tips on it. For example, did you know that Bulgarians shake their heads from side to side to mean ‘yes’ and nod up and down to say ‘no’? Did you know that cutting down a cactus in America carries a twenty five year prison sentence? Perhaps think twice about bringing home a prickly present for someone. One of the other quirks the map has is sections where you can jot down the music you listened to, the best friend you made and the top 10 highlights. In short, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is brilliant.

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Scratch Map USA Edition

scratch map usa

The Scratch Map USA edition

God Bless America! If you have been the USA then why not show others where you have been on your travels with the ultra-cool Scratch Map USA edition! From Vegas to New York, scratch off where you have been and show your friends by proudly displaying your masterpiece in your home, bedroom or office. The Scratch Map USA edition is also the perfect gift for those who are going on their travels of have been many years ago, truly timeless!
Much like the best-selling Scratch Map, the U.S. version comes packaged is a classically cool printed card tube to protect it.

This Scratch Map U.S. map is based on the idea of the scratch card so you just scratch off the places you’ve been and bright colours will be revealed underneath.

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