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How To Use A Scratch Map for learning

The Scratch Map for learning

One of the most exciting inventions to come about in recent years include the scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world, USA, UK, travel edition and now Europe.
Invented originally to help document travel and for individuals interested in geography, the scratch map is now being viewed as a unique tool to help educate consumers and students about geography and travel around the world.

How To Use Scratch Map Collections For Learning

Whether a homeschooler or an adult wanting to learn more about geography and travel, the scratch map is an ideal tool for learning; it contains invaluable information that a globe normally would, but in a unique format for learning.
The scratch map is much like a globe, but it contains a unique format. All of the information that a map would normally contain is contained in the scratch map. The key to the map however, is hidden behind a layer of gold foil. Like a ticket to the lottery, users have to scratch off the golden foil to reveal the treasure underneath.

So, to discover where a country or city is, the user has to scratch off the golden outer layer. For teachers and others trying to educate someone about geography, something instantly clicks. Learning can become fun when using a scratch map.
There is something thrilling about using a scratch map. Everyone likes to reveal a hidden treasure. There is something innovative about getting to see what is underneath the gold foil, even if the student or user already knows or has an idea of what is underneath

It gives the user a sense of “winning.” If the educator is having students scratch off places in the world they have been to, then scratching off the scratch map truly is like “winning” a prize. They get to reveal on the scratch map to others all of the places in the world they have “conquered” and learned about.

Along with this, people scratching off places on the map can draw pictures and tell stories to other students about places on the map they have traveled to. Thus, the use of a scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world, USA, UK, travel edition or Europe instantly becomes a remarkable teaching tool. Pictures drawn and the stories told can be hung around a classroom or the home learning room and instantly add to the dramatic effect of having a hanging scratch map.

Stories And Scratch Maps

For students who want to travel, they can write stories about the things they plan to do when they get to travel to the destination places they want to go to. Students can all share their combined travel plans, or ask family members about places they have traveled to, and scratch those places off of the map.
Alternately, students from different areas of the world can scratch those places and locations off of the scratch map, so geography can be learned in this way. The scratch map collection, scratch maps for the world, USA, UK, travel edition and now Europe is an excellent learning tool regardless that should be considered for any classroom.

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Complement your living room

The Scratch Map in the living room or office

There are many ways to improve your home however only a handful of ways to complement your home with something truly unique! The Scratch Map is a superb way of displaying your globetrotting adventures in any room of the home, a superb, unique and highly detailed poster that you can customise yourself by scratching off where you have been.

The Scratch Map collection in more detail

The Scratch Map effortlessly displays your footprints across the globe by scratching off a high quality top foil layer that reveals a bright and colourful world, here are some details to help you select the perfect scratch map for you;

• The Original Scratch Map personalised World Poster; this is the original edition to the ever growing Scratch Map collection. The huge wall poster features a gold foil top layer that you scratch off to reveal where you have been, as you scratch off the foil you begin to see an immensely detailed world of vibrant colour and information revealing countries, cities, landmarks and more!

• The Scratch Map Travel Edition; all of the features of the Original Scratch Map but condensed in to a compact edition in a durable, heavy duty protective tube that you can take where ever you go, bursting with a generous amount of useful travel information, don’t leave home without it!

• The Scratch Map USA Edition; all states beautifully displayed with its passionately patriotic design, if you love the United States as much as we do, you will truly adore this edition, a must for anyone! With its distinctive design and great visual presence, the Scratch map USA Edition is an instantly recognisable display of the magnificent land that is America. With its extensive geographical detailing and prestigious design, this is a future classic for anyone that has visited the USA.

• The Scratch Map UK Edition; this wonderfully unique poster is finished in a bright sterling silver foil. As the silver foil is scratched off you will begin to see a highly detailed display of the United Kingdom, a colourful, glorious green land with incredible geographical detailing. This map is the perfect way to remember your travels in the UK, from holidays as a child to weekends and day trips around the many cities in the UK.

• The Scratch Map Europe Edition; after an enormous amount of demand from our many loyal customers we got to work on the Euro edition! This was no easy task as we had to deliver a map with a real difference, a map to complement the rest of the Scratch Map collection. After a huge amount of research we created a map presented in platinum silver surrounded by many oceans, seas and rivers. As the silver top foil later is scratched off it reveals a beautifully details Europe featuring all popular countries, cities and landmarks throughout Europe, the ultimate gift for any Euro traveller!

The Scratch Map in the living room or office

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Another great Scratch Map photo

Scratch Map World poster

The Scratch Map World poster

The Scratch Map World poster is more than a gift; it can be truly educational too! Take a look at the photo in this post, the Scratch map World poster is not just entertaining the whole family it’s also displaying the World in detail.

Scratch Map World poster

This wonderful photo cannot fail to put a smile on anyone’s face, keep them coming in!

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Scratch Map Travel Edition

the scratch map travel edition

The Scratch Map Travel edition
Following the enormous success of Scratch Map Poster, we now bring you The Travel Edition Scratch Map. This miniature map is still as cool as its predecessor but cuter in every way. It makes the best present for any globetrotter as the map (in its sturdy tube) fits into your rucksack without taking up too much valuable room.
The idea behind Scratch Map Travel Edition is that you can take it with you as you journey round the globe and scratch off where you’ve been on route – all you do is scratch off the gold top foil layer of the place you have visited to reveal a brand new and wonderful world underneath. Everyone intends to keep a log or a diary when they are voyaging but in reality you generally just forget, can’t be bothered or get writers block. The Scratch Map Travel Edition is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, plus, flip the Scratch Map Travel Edition over and you have even more glorious things to fill in, map out and stick on. Amongst other things, the reverse side of the Scratch Map Travel Edition has a plain white map to allow you the opportunity to plot your route. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’. The perfect way to assess the tanning progression!

The Travel Edition Scratch Map also has some top tips on it. For example, did you know that Bulgarians shake their heads from side to side to mean ‘yes’ and nod up and down to say ‘no’? Did you know that cutting down a cactus in America carries a twenty five year prison sentence? Perhaps think twice about bringing home a prickly present for someone. One of the other quirks the map has is sections where you can jot down the music you listened to, the best friend you made and the top 10 highlights. In short, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is brilliant.

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Scratch Map USA Edition

scratch map usa

The Scratch Map USA edition

God Bless America! If you have been the USA then why not show others where you have been on your travels with the ultra-cool Scratch Map USA edition! From Vegas to New York, scratch off where you have been and show your friends by proudly displaying your masterpiece in your home, bedroom or office. The Scratch Map USA edition is also the perfect gift for those who are going on their travels of have been many years ago, truly timeless!
Much like the best-selling Scratch Map, the U.S. version comes packaged is a classically cool printed card tube to protect it.

This Scratch Map U.S. map is based on the idea of the scratch card so you just scratch off the places you’ve been and bright colours will be revealed underneath.

Also check out the other cool Scratch Map editions;

  • The original Scratch Map
  • The Travel edition Scratch Map
  • and the latest edition Scratch Map U.K.!


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Scratch Map – Scratch off where you’ve been

the scratch map

If you’re looking for wall maps take a look at the Scratch map collection. Its the perfect way to show off where you’ve been travelling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map. Scratch Map is a amazingly high quality, uber-massive wall map, featuring a gold top foil layer. Why? Because you get a unique, slick looking gold wall map to start with, and then scratch off all the places you’ve visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring colour and geographical detail. The result is a totally unique and personalised world map. What a great gift. Comes packaged in a slick tube.

This 81.9 x 58.2 cm world map is based on the idea of the scratch card so you just scratch off the places you’ve been and bright colours will be revealed underneath. Scratch Map also includes facts about certain countries and cities. Fun for all the family.